An internal Transdev memo is warning captains of the new Manly ferries to avoid sailing directly into waves during heavy swells or risk the vessel becoming airborne and the Captain losing control.  


The Second Generation Emerald Class ferries built in Indonesia have only been operational since October 2021 and travel the Manly to Circular Quay route. The ferries have been plagued with issues since arriving in Australia including being riddled with asbestos which required the ferries to be transported to Newcastle for rectification works.


Last December the ferries were also found to be suffering from cracking issues which the Government said would not impact the overall structural integrity of the vessel. Not only have the ferries suffered from several defects but they struggle to even make the journey across Sydney Heads in the slightest bit of rain, leading to consistent cancellations.


The previous Fresh Water Class ferries that were manufactured in Newcastle had been in service for forty years before being retired by this Government last year.  


Ms Yasmin Catley MP – Shadow Minister for the Hunter said ‘The defects in the Second Generation Emerald Class ferries underscore why these ferries should have been manufacture right here in NSW’.


‘The Liberals policy of buying ferries, busses, trains and trams from overseas has been a complete failure, that has left us with inferior transport assets and shipped jobs overseas’.


‘If it is an issue with our ferries, it’s cracking in our trams that put them out of commission, or trains that don’t fit the tracks. The Government should never have gone near this cheap junk and instead invested in local manufactures like those right here in Newcastle’.