Grants and Funding


The NSW Government offers a wide range of grants for individuals, businesses, sporting groups and non-profit organisations to assist with repairs and new projects. 

Some grants are open all the time (ongoing), others are annual and come up at the same time each year, but most are open for a defined window of time (usually 4-6 weeks) and are decided on need and merit i.e., how well you adhere to the eligibility and grant guidelines. This means that the quality of your application is extremely important. 

Therefore, Yasmin has supplied the following grant writing tips to assist your organisation/business/school in applying for NSW Government grants. 


1. Prepare

It is essential to read the guidance notes and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to self-assess if your organisation and/or project are eligible under the program. Here, read the project assessment selection criteria thoroughly and consider how your project will address the criteria and how you may support this with some form of evidence. It is also important to register your organisation early in order to access the on-line application and start on the application early in the application period. 


2. Plan

It is important to ensure that the timeline and budget of the project are realistic and are eligible/acceptable under the grant criteria. In this stage, please consider the community groups that will benefit from the project and source any documents that are required to be attached with your application. 


3. Write

When going to write the application ensure that your application is clear and succinct. There is no requirement for technical language. It is important to ensure that all the information and documentation is directly relevant to the application. Ensure that all financial information is as accurate as possible and do not exceed the word limit. 


4. Check

It is suggested to show your online application to someone who has never seen the project or heard you talk about it. After reading it, ask them to explain the main points of the project and what you were asking for. Refine your application and repeat this step until you are satisfied with their answers.


5. Submit

Submit before or on time as late applications are not accepted and please submit in accordance with the instructions. It is important to keep a copy of the notification that your application has been received and any identification code that is provided for future reference. 


Yasmin wishes you the best of luck in your future grant application writing endeavours.