Grass on median strips along the Pacific Highway on the Central Coast has grown to dangerous lengths, obscuring driver’s vision.


While recent rain and humid weather has seen grass grow rapidly, the current state of the median strips has drawn the ire of the community. Community members have flagged concerns over the impact it is having on driver visibility. On some parts of the Coast vehicles in the opposite lane are completely obscured.


The responsibility for maintaining these median strips lays with Transport for NSW.


Ms Yasmin Catley MP – Member for Swansea said ‘The current state of median strips on the Coast is just not acceptable, you need only have a look at the median strips at Lake Munmorah and Budgewoi’.


‘While it is understandable the recent weather would have impacted the mowing schedule, we are now in a situation where driver’s safety is being put at risk due to the lack of visibility of vehicles in the opposite lane’.


‘Community members are reaching out to me not only concerned about the safety implications of the current length of the grass, but frustrated at the neglect of the area by the Government and Transport for NSW’.


‘Transport for NSW must urgently address this issue’.