Yasmin Catley MP – Member for Swansea has presented evidence to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the privatisation of bus services.


Ms Catley attended the hearing on Tuesday to share with committee members the significant impact that the privatisation of bus services in 2018 has had on the local community.


Ms Catley spoke of the removal of the former 350 bus. This service previously allowed passengers to travel directly to Newcastle from Swansea Heads to attend work, school and to access essential services. However, they now have no choice but to rely on friends and family to transport them or face longer travel times and multiple bus changes.


Ms Catley also spoke about the lack of bus services operating in Catherine Hill Bay, Cams Wharf, Murrays Beach and Nords Wharf. This lack of services is isolating these communities from the rest of the region.


Labor expressed their opposition to the Government’s plan to privatise bus services back in 2015. Despite this, the Government persisted with their plan.


Ms Yasmin Catley MP – Member for Swansea said ‘today I shared with committee members the extensive impacts the privatisation of bus services has had on the people of Swansea’.


‘Since 2018 locals travel and wait times for buses have been doubled because of the removal of direct services like the 350 to Newcastle from Swansea Heads’.


‘Catherine Hill Bay, Cams Wharf, Murrays Beach and Nords Wharf residents also remain stranded because of the lack of bus services’.


‘All of this mess could have been avoided if the Government had listened to Labor’s call for proper community consultation back in 2015’.


‘I hope that the committee take this evidence seriously and find that the privatisation of buses has been detrimental to the people of Swansea’.


‘I am calling on the committee to recommend to the Government the restoration of direct services from Swansea Heads to Newcastle that were provided by the former 350 service’.