Reids Reserve and Lucy’s Breakwall at Swansea Heads faces being fenced off indefinitely due to a lack of funding from the NSW Government’s Maritime Infrastructure Delivery Office (MIDO) to conduct urgent repairs.


Lake Macquarie City Council blocked off the area to the public almost a year ago because of significant coastal erosion, which exposed asbestos material. This followed an inspection conducted by Transport for NSW in 2020 that found that the site was in very poor condition.


Although Lake Macquarie City Council fenced off the area, the coastal protection assets, including the rock revetment along Reids Reserve are owned and managed by the NSW Government. The responsibility for these assets sits with MIDO.


MIDO have now advised that there is no funding available for them to conduct these crucial repairs. This is unacceptable as MIDO is the department in charge of completing repairs to marine assets.


Ms Yasmin Catley MP – Member for Swansea said ‘it is appalling that NSW Government have not allocated enough funding to MIDO to be able to complete urgent repairs and Reids Reserve and Lucy’s Breakwall.


‘This area has been fenced off to the public for almost a year because of coastal erosion that has exposed asbestos materials.’


‘Lake Macquarie City Council are unable to conduct remediation works until MIDO address the issue’.


‘This is a much loved and used park. The NSW Government must immediately allocate funding to ensure that MIDO can undertake urgent maintenance’.