The NSW Government failed to dredge Swansea Channel at the end of 2021, prior to the peak boating season. It is now 2022 and all we have heard from the Government is their latest dredge tender and works plan.


Transport for NSW have advised that planning and investigation works are currently underway with the tender process for the Swansea Channel dredge with works expected to commence early this year.


Transport for NSW have also stated that they are relocating aids to navigation to reflect the deepest parts of the Channel, to assist boaties who wish to travel through the Lake.


Whilst it is good news that the tender process is underway, dredging is expected to take place in the near future and navigation aids are being relocated, a permanent dredging solution remains absent from Swansea Channel.


Without a permanent dredging solution vessels are prevented from passing through the Channel as they face groundings. This has forced many boaties to bypass Lake Macquarie and visit alternate locations. It has also had a negative impact on a number of sporting and recreation activities over the summer period.


Member for Swansea – Ms Yasmin Catley MP said “the fact that the tender process is only now underway with dredging expected to take place early this year is simply too little action taken too late by the NSW Government”.


“We are approaching the end of summer and the Government have still not provided a date for when the Channel will be dredged”.


“The longer the Government fails to introduce a permanent dredging solution, the longer local and visiting boaties will be prevented from travelling through the Lake”.


“The NSW Government must establish a permanent dredging solution for Swansea Channel”.