Just a month into 2022 and Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie have already surpassed last year’s total of 55 vessel escorts through Swansea Channel due to recurrent silting reducing the depth of the Lake and preventing vessels from safely navigating their way through the Channel.


The high number of escorts performed this month alone has undoubtedly increased the workload of the Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie crew and subjected them to additional stress.


Last year Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie conducted 45 jobs where lives were at risk. The high number of vessel escorts are problematic as they may redirect Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie resources away from rescues where lives are at risk.  


The absence of a permanent dredging solution for Swansea Channel is the key reason Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie have been required to guide so many vessels through the Lake.


Member for Swansea – Ms Yasmin Catley MP said “Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie would not have to complete so many vessel escorts if the NSW Government had established a permanent dredging solution for Swansea Channel”.


“Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie play a critical role in protecting the lives of the local community and visitors on the Lake. Conducting vessel escorts in addition to this is no doubt placing volunteers under a great deal of stress”.


“Swansea Channel has been in a dire state for far too long”.


“The NSW Government must put in place a permanent dredging solution for Swansea Channel to help alleviate the workload of the hardworking Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie volunteers”.