I, too, wish to talk about Youth Frontiers. Youth Frontiers is aimed at students in years 8 and 9, who have the capacity to benefit from youth mentoring that focuses on leadership and civic engagement. Today we had the great pleasure of attending the Youth Frontiers award ceremony in the Strangers' Dining Room at Parliament House. There I met with Flynn Wallis Smith, who is from Belmont High School. Flynn was a finalist in the engaging in sport category. Flynn went on to win that category, which his parents were most elated about. I have known Flynn since he was born so I was delighted to be there and participate in that with him. Flynn put together a seniors exercise program. He partnered with Swansea Pensioners Group and he goes there on a weekly basis and does exercises that he has designed for the seniors. Apparently the seniors love him more than any other person who has been there. I congratulate Flynn for the work that he has done. Well done, Youth Frontiers.