Liberal Minister in charge of better regulation of the building industry, Kevin Anderson failed to explain why after 10 months the Liberal’s laws to deal with ‘shonky’ building certifiers are still sitting dormant.

The signature laws meant to close loopholes, and stop dodgy certifiers from ‘rorting the system’ include:

  • Rules to prevent conflicts of interest and bribery
  • New powers to enforce standards and monitor compliance, and
  • Jail terms of up to 2 years and Penalties of over $1 million.

But because no start date has ever been given, NSW Labor Deputy Leader, Yasmin Catley said these laws have sat unused while shonky building certifiers have run rampant in NSW.

“The Liberals are either incompetent and forgot they made a law, or they’ve wilfully decided to let dodgy operators rip off NSW families.”

“Right thoughout this entire building industry crisis – Opal, Mascot, Zetland, and Erskineville – the Liberals have said they were being tough on shonks, but that is a lie. They’ve done nothing but issue press releases.”

“It’s clear that there is no one in this Liberal Government protecting consumers.”

When confronted today in Question Time today, Liberal Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation Kevin Anderson didn’t know that the law wasn’t in effect.

He described the person who asked the question as having ‘amnesia’ and being ‘asleep at the wheel’ when he wasn’t even aware that this law was sitting dormant.

Instead of apologising for the Liberals failure to protect NSW households from shonky certifiers he just shouted and read from an old press released by his predecessor Liberal Minister, Matt Kean. The press release says: “We’re closing a number of loopholes that shonks were taking advantage of, under the old legislation, and making it harder for them to rort the system”.

In NSW, new laws usually come into effect 28 days after a passed by the Parliament, and after the NSW Governor has given it their stamp of approval.

However, the Building and Development Certifiers Bill 2018 comes into effect after a Government Minister declares a start date.

No start date has ever been provided by current or former Liberal Ministers. It’s like flicking a light switch, until the Liberals turn it on, the law can’t be used.