Central Coast Labor MP’s today slammed the Liberal Health Minister Brad Hazzard’s inaction on sky rocketing hospital parking costs.

The Government’s response to the still growing 10,000 signature petition has revealed that they have no plans to reduce hospital parking costs for staff, patients or visitor at Gosford and Wyong Hospital.

This comes after a community led campaign to cap staff fees at $13.92 per week, introduce first 3 hours free parking and have a maximum cost of $12 at Gosford Hospital while Wyong Hospital remained free for staff and visitors due to the serious lack of public transport.

The current lack of parking and increased cost of parking at Wyong and Gosford Hospital is a major burden to the Central Coast Community.

A person visiting their sick friend or family member, 7 days a week for more than 5 hours per visit will be expected to pay $139 to park unless deemed eligible to access parking concessions. This, at best, is an attempt to make a quick buck off the back of the most vulnerable in our community.


Quotes attributed to David Mehan MP

“The current prices and terms do not reflect those of fair hospital parking. That’s why over 10,000 people signed our petition.”

“The Minister received those petitions and responded advising that not only will there be no change but fees will increase to cover the costs of maintenance.”

“It demonstrates this NSW Liberal Government’s lack of humanity and complete disregard of the Central Coast Community. We will not stop until the people of the Central Coast receive their fair share.”


Quotes attributed to Yasmin Catley MP 

“The Berejiklian Government have no idea about the realities of accessing healthcare on the Central Coast.”

“This Government has destroyed our public transport system, forcing people into their cars, and now they want to clip the ticket on the way into the carpark? It’s unacceptable.”

“We’ve stopped the Liberals from privatising Wyong Hospital and we will stop this Government’s cruel cash grab.”


Quotes attributed to David Harris MP

Wyong Hospital is poorly served by Public Transport and is currently free to park at.”

“Any imposition of a parking fee will be viewed as a tax on sick people and their relatives - people who are already being impacted by health issues will now also suffer financially just to visit our public hospital.”

“For staff the imposition of parking fees at Wyong Hospital will be equal to a pay cut – simply they will be charged for coming to work as public transport is woefully inadequate.” 


Quotes attributed to Liesl Tesch MP

“Locals shouldn’t be slogged unfair rates just trying to visit friends and relatives in hospital.”

“It speaks volumes of the Liberal Government that they are trying to squeeze every last dollar out of people in vulnerable situations just to make a buck.”