Despite advising that Pelican Marina was in ‘reasonable and sound structural condition’ the Marina collapsed into the Lake only two months after the structural assessment was conducted.

Among key recommendations contained in the report, the government was advised to “Further assess the structural condition of the various elements of the building and the boardwalk structure and provide recommendations to any remedial/future work required.”

The NSW Opposition have questioned whether or not this further assessment ever occurred and have called on the Government to clarify what steps were taken following receipt of structural assessment in November.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Lands Mick Veitch MLC

“This Report raises more questions than it answers.

“The Minister needs to come clean – did any further assessment take place? If so where are these reports? And if not, who determined to ignore the recommendations of the initial report conducted only months prior to the Marina’s collapse?

“What we do know is that the report indicates that the Government had detailed knowledge of the condition of the Pelican Marina before its collapse into Lake Macquarie.

“What we don’t know, is exactly what action was taken after the report was conducted.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Swansea Yasmin Catley

“While I’m pleased that the government has finally released the report, I ask again, why did it take so long for the structural assessment to occur?

“Could this entire disaster have been avoided if the Minister for Lands took decisive action to address the dilapidation of the Marina that is clearly evident within the structural report?

“Lake Macquarie City Council and I both advised the Minister of the appalling condition of Pelican Marina some 12 months prior to its collapse into Lake Macquarie and the Minister appears to have simply sat on his hands.”