Save TAFE before it's too late!

The NSW Liberals are taking the axe to our TAFE.


While they have been in Government, there are 80,000 fewer students enrolled in TAFE - 43,000 less in the past year alone, and more that 2,600 full-time equivalent staff have been laid off. 

Everyone I talk to knows someone who went to TAFE, if they they didn't go there themselves. It's a great institution that has educated generations of local people. 


My concern is that the Baird Liberal Government has plans to sell off Belmont Campus. When I asked if the Government has plans to sell off Belmont TAFE, they couldn't give a straight answer. 

Instead, I was provided with this spin: 

"TAFE NSW is developing a Strategic Asset Management Plan to ensure training is matched with the changing needs of students and employers. TAFE NSW regularly assesses facility requirements in line with course delivery."