This week, Central Coast Labor Members of Parliament moved a Notice of Motion against the Liberal Government’s proposal to introduce a parking fee at Wyong Hospital.

David Harris, Member for Wyong and Shadow Minister for the Central Coast, Yasmin Catley, Member for Swansea, and David Mehan, Member for the Entrance stood together in Parliament calling on the Government to ensure parking prices are fair for staff and visitors.

“Wyong Hospital has never had a fee, and we will fight to make sure it stays that way,” said David Harris, Member for Wyong.

“It is absolutely vital that a hospital with thousands of visitors and staff using the hospital every week has free parking.”

Works and visitors to Wyong Hospital are appalled at the Government’s plans to introduce a parking fee at Wyong Hospital.

“The community has been steadfast in its opposition to this fee,” said Yasmin Catley, Member for Swansea.

“Our residents are already penalised by a poor public transport system, and now they’ll be penalised with a fee at the gate every time they’re sick, or visiting a sick relative in hospital.”

David Mehan, Member for the Entrance, said that the parking increases are a worry for local residents.

“My community are telling me that they can’t afford parking fees at Wyong Hospital and Labor will fight with the community to make sure parking stays free.”