Yasmin Catley has condemned the Liberal National Government once again over the privatisation of Newcastle’s transport network, after it was revealed the cost of chartered school buses services had skyrocketed by 150 per cent since Keolis Downer took over.

A Public School in the Swansea Electorate has seen the cost of their chartered bus service increase from $1,000 to $2,500 since privatisation, forcing the P&C committee to chip in to ensure things like swimming lessons remain affordable for hard working families.

A neighbouring school relies on the courtesy bus from the local RSL club.

Yasmin Catley MP has called on the Government to cover the increased costs, and investigate allegations of price gouging.

“When the Government awarded the contract to Keolis Downer it guaranteed a better deal for locals. If the Government cannot keep this promise it should cover the increased costs schools are being forced to pay” said Ms Catley.

“I have written to the Minister for Transport calling on him to immediately address this matter” she said.

“Since the privatisation of the Newcastle Transport Network I have been in constant contact with the Minister raising a range of concerns including increased travel times, fewer services and in particular the impact this has had on students who attend not just schools in the electorate but those outside it” Ms Catley said.

“At every turn, this privatisation has cost our community – and now we’ve learned that if not for the P&C, some kids wouldn’t be able to attend swimming lessons.”

“It is time the Government admitted the abject failure that has been the privatisation of the Newcastle Transport network” Ms Catley said.