The NSW Legislative Council has today condemned the Berejiklian-Barilaro Government for the loss of 67,000 manufacturing jobs in the past eight years and the offshoring of jobs in the train, bus and heavy-vehicle manufacturing sector.
The motion - which went through on Thursday afternoon - stated that this House:

  1. Notes that this Government has presided over the loss of more than 67,000 manufacturing jobs in eight years and all but killed off the State’s train, bus and heavy vehicle manufacturing industry;
  2. Condemns the Liberal-National Government for awarding contracts worth billions of dollars to overseas manufacturers by purchasing buses from Malaysia, trains from South Korea and China, metros from India, and light rail vehicles from France and Spain; and
  3. demands that the Berejiklian-Barilaro Government stop offshoring New South Wales jobs and guarantee the strongest possible local content requirements for major public works projects.

Manufacturing employs over 275,000 people in NSW and hundreds of thousands of additional jobs in associated industries. 
Since 2011 the NSW Government has presided over the loss of 67,000 manufacturing jobs across the state.
Unlike Victoria where train sets are being built and supporting 1100 jobs, NSW trains are being built in South Korea. Buses in NSW are being built in Malaysia and light rail is being built in Spain and France.
Since 2011 the NSW government has failed to put in place state procurement policies that support the manufacturing businesses, many of whom are small to medium enterprises. 
NSW does not have a strategic industry policy; it has gutted TAFE and has failed to deliver the local infrastructure in regional communities that supports manufacturing.
The motion was moved by the Labor Opposition and was supported by the Greens, the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers, One Nation, Animal Justice and independent Justin Field.
An amendment from Mark Latham addressed the needs of secure energy supply to manufacturers. This was also passed by the House.
Deputy Labor Leader and Labor Shadow Minister for Regional and Rural Jobs Yasmin Catley said: “The Liberals and Nationals have failed NSW when it comes to manufacturing jobs. 
“Their only policy to date has been to send the contracts and the jobs that go with them overseas. 
“Rather than support our workers they have sold them out. It’s good to see the NSW Parliament recognise that.”
Labor will support manufacturing jobs in NSW by using the State Government’s procurement powers to support local industry, businesses and jobs.