After 12 months of delay and now a new Minister, Yasmin Catley has called for a resolution of the future of the Pelican Marina site.

The previous Minister, now Deputy Leader of the National Party, was clearly more interested in his own progression rather than dealing with the bread and butter issues of Crown Lands.

Despite numerous letters and direct discussions with the former Minister, the Pelican marina site remains abandoned with a real question mark over its future.

Crown Lands has suffered savage job cuts of the Liberal-National Party Governments – to a point where basic responsibilities like determining Aboriginal Land claims are subject to interminable delays.

Last year the Auditor General released a scathing report into the systemic failures of Crown Lands – failures which are leading to totally unsatisfactory situations like the Pelican Marina.

Ms Catley said she had written to the new Minister imploring him to take action and resolve the future of the Pelican Marian site.

Quotes attributed to Member for Swansea, Yasmin Catley MP

“NSW Government ministers are more worried about their own careers than the real issues that matter to the community.

“The Pelican marina debacle shows what happens when a Government cuts jobs and takes its eye off the ball.

“For a year now I have been seeking resolution on this matter – to no avail.

“All I have seen is dithering and delay – which is simply not good enough.

“The new Minister should make the resolution of the land claim over the marina site one of his top priorities.

“The local community is fed up with the delay and indecision over this important piece of waterfront land."