Labor Leader Jodi McKay and Deputy Leader Yasmin Catley today welcomed more Mascot Towers’ residents to Parliament and again called on the Liberal Government to provide low-interest loans to help residents cover the costs of urgent rectification works to save their building.
Ms McKay said Labor was appalled by allegations made late yesterday by a spokesperson for the Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson, that residents had ‘adopted a deliberate strategy to  make repayments unserviceable  for most owners in an attempt to force the Government’s hand to pay for remediation work’.
“This is abhorrent and frankly unethical,” she said. “Here we have a Minister prepared to demonise the victims in this case and a disgusting attempt to divide and conquer them to divert attention away from the Government’s failure to act.”
Ms Catley said residents deserved an apology from the Minister.
“His office has accused residents of trying to make the Government pay for the repairs to their building and this is simply untrue,” she said. “He has traduced them when he should be helping them.
“They are not asking for anything other than low-interest loans, which Labor and the Government’s own Building Commissioner have considered to be a reasonable solution. 
“Owners are quite rightly offended and outraged by these accusations. They are already living through the nightmare of being evicted from their homes and having what is, for most of them, their major financial asset stripped of value.”  
A low-interest loan from the Government is crucial in ensuring rectification works start before summer, to ensure stabilisation of the building. Building engineers have said rectification works must start immediately.