Labor MLC Courtney Houssos moved the motion to establish the special inquiry in the wake of the Baird Government’s quiet announcement to put out tenders for non-government operators to redevelop and operate Maitland, Shell Harbour, Goulburn , Bowral and Wyong Hospitals.

The inquiry will investigate the model and implications of privatising the operations of the public hospitals and what the ongoing effects will be for patient care and health outcomes.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for the Central Coast David Harris


“This proposal needs the greater scrutiny that an upper house enquiry would provide.

“ Such an inquiry would confirm what we already know - private public partnerships are a bad way to run public hospitals.

“If the Baird Government seriously thinks its plan for these 5 regional hospitals is a good idea they won’t fear an inquiry”

Quotes attrributable to David Mehan MP

“If the government wants to go ahead with their plans to sell off our public health system they should be transparent in their dealings.


“A special inquiry will shine a light on this government’s flawed ideology that anything not nailed down should go out to auction. 


“The Government has failed to consult the community and hasn’t released any details around the sale. An inquiry into the proposal is the first step in being open with the public about their plans.”


Quotes attributable to Yasmin Catley MP

“Since Minister Skinner dropped this bombshell, I’ve received hundreds and hundreds of emails and phone calls from people who say they are dead set against this government selling off their hospital.


“An Upper House Inquiry will lay bare exactly what this means for our community.