Intercity Train Fleet

First, I acknowledge the wonderful people of the Blue Mountains and apologise for the insult that they have received. I am here today to talk about how important it is to have manufacturing in this great State of New South Wales. I begin by commending the member for Blue Mountains. She comes into this place every parliamentary sitting week and she stands up for the people of the Blue Mountains, she stands up for train workers and she stands up for the rest of those who use that line all the way into this city. So we thank the member for Blue Mountains. The member for Newcastle did a good job too.

This State is enormously proud of its history in manufacturing and particularly proud of its manufacturing workers. I am from the Hunter, so I know where they build the trains. We had to listen to all the rubbish from the other side of the House. I know they build trains at Cardiff and Broadmeadow and I know the people who build them. They are good, working-class people who have awesome skills, and this Government does not care about them. This petition says:

This Government, led by Gladys Berejiklian and Dominic Perrottet—

Let us not forget, it is the duo—

have offshored more than 1200 direct jobs and 2800 indirect jobs for a new intercity train fleet worth $2.3 billion.

I will just go back. The Premier, the then transport Minister—and what a mess she made of it; in fact, she makes the current transport Minister look all right, which is saying something in itself—set up local manufacturers to fail by announcing ahead of the tender her preferred outcome was to purchase off-the-shelf trains from overseas. She had already made her decision, and it was a disgraceful decision. Unfortunately, the Government does not care about the jobs of our manufacturers in New South Wales. There is no doubt that the Government hates working people. But what should be mentioned today is the great utopian moment—the moment when the Government discovered its new trains do not fit the track. What a joke the Government made of this whole process. Not only was the Government comfortable ensuring that Australian manufacturers, the hardworking manufacturers of the Hunter and the steel industry in the Illawarra—our strong regions that have served us well for a long time—do not have a job, but then they screwed it up.