Member for Swansea Yasmin Catley today announced that eligible Solo Water customers in Catherine Hill Bay will be more than $500 a year better off, in what she has described as a huge win for pensioners in their ongoing battle with Solo Water.

Ms Catley’s lobbying efforts have paid off, with the Government advising Solo Water Customers who hold a Pensioner Concession Card or Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Health Card would be eligible for a $97.20 rebate on water service charges and a $495.23 rebate on sewerage service charges from January 2020.

“Since this private utility provider set up shop in Catherine Hill Bay, we have had an uphill battle in trying to get a fair deal for the community there, so this is another huge win for them.”

Solo Water has had a chequered history with Catherine Hill Bay residents, after the utility provider was forced to withdraw a licence variation application, which would have allowed effluent from the waste water treatment facility to be discharged into local waterways.

“But the fight is not over yet,” said Ms Catley.

“For more than a year now, I have been calling on the Liberal National Government to declare Solo Water a monopoly utility provider, so that the prices they charge are regulated and they refuse to do so.”

“An extra $500 in pensioner’s pockets is great, but we can’t allow utility providers carte blanche when it comes to providing something as crucial as water.”