Under laws to be introduced later this year, a homeowner in a strata complex could be forced out of their homes if 75% of other owners decide to sell to developers. Currently a unanimous agreement of all owners is needed – providing a safeguard for those who do not wish to sell home.


Around 1 in 3 people live in a unit or apartment in Sydney.


The admission came after the Minister was caught out ignoring the independent advice of his Department in answering detailed questions from the Opposition.


Shadow Minister Yasmin Catley asked the Minister 20 questions on notice in the NSW Parliament on behalf of concerned residents worried that would not only be forced out of their homes, but not receive fair compensation.


Instead of considered answers, documents obtained through Freedom of Information laws showed the Minister directly intervened and replaced pages of answers with a reference to his second reading speech.


Documents reveal the Minister and his office were concerned with references to anxious buyers and sellers in the draft answers.


The Minister’s speech in Parliament did not answer any of the questions posed by the Opposition. 


The Baird Government has refused to release a review of the compulsory acquisition laws, up  to which the termination of strata scheme legislation is based.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Yasmin Catley:


“These documents show that the Minister cannot be trusted when it comes to the impacts of the new strata laws.


“The Minister’s spin is an insult to Parliament, an insult to the independence of the public service, and an insult to home owners simply wanting to know the facts.


“The Minister has now admitted the current protections for home owners under his new laws are inadequate.


“Labor is committed to repealing this part of the new Act which treats strata owners as second class citizens.”