I might be biased, but it is my strong view that the Swansea and Caves Beach area is one of the best places in which to live. One of the reasons this is so is because we are lucky to have the Caves Beach Swansea Area Sustainable Neighbourhood Group, an organisation made up of hardworking volunteers who help to keep our coastline and our community clean. I am delighted this group received formal recognition at Lake Macquarie's recent Australia Day awards ceremony for one of its key projects in 2017. The sustainable neighbourhood group's inaugural Coast and Lake Marine Debris School Art Competition allowed the group to engage with young people and increase their participation in helping to protect our environment. More than 120 school students participated by creating thought-provoking artwork from items that were previously litter, coupled with a story about their experience. I congratulate the Caves Beach Swansea Sustainable Neighbourhood Group on its efforts and its well-deserved recognition.