Member for Swansea Yasmin Catley has thrown her support behind the students of Swansea High School, joining them in a protest outside the school this morning.

Swansea MP Yasmin Catley said, “the footage that was posted online late last week and the comments it contains have been extremely alarming, and show that rape culture is rife in our society.”

“I know that a lot of people in leadership positions within our community, including myself, have been working hard to have a public conversation about respectful relationships, and archaic views around victim blaming and rape culture undermine those efforts.

Ms Catley has called on the Department of Education to conduct a full and thorough review into comments, demanding that the review be transparent so that the community could have confidence in the process.

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and the Department needs to guarantee that no stone will be unturned in this process and the concerns of the community are addressed.” Ms Catley said.

Ms Catley went on to say that anything less was a blight on the internal complaints processes within the Department.  

“Without total transparency, there is no way to be sure that this won’t be swept under the carpet” said Ms Catley.


“I support the stance taken by young people in our community – we want young people to be engaged, and active and to have a voice.”


“Our educators know better than anyone the importance of critical thinking, and independent thought especially when it comes to challenging cultural norms and institutional power like these kids have done.”


“At the end of the day, we need to be condemning violence against women in every form and talking about respectful relationships, not what she was wearing.”