Member for Swansea Yasmin Catley has today succeeded in shining a light on the chaos along Carters Road, Lake Munmorah, forcing the Government to debate the issue on the floor of the Parliament by moving a Notice of Motion.

Swansea MP Yasmin Catley said, “It has taken more than four years, but today our coordinated campaign and persistent efforts have managed to force the Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Roads to respond in Parliament.”

Today’s debate was brought about by a Notice of Motion, moved by Ms Catley in May this year.

The Motion outlined the serious safety risks along Carters Road and noted that the community was united and ready to work with all levels of government to find a solution. 

“I’ve been raising the safety concerns along Carters Road with this Government for more than four years now, and their response has consistently been that it is Council’s responsibility, but Council has been seeking funding for Carters Road since at least 2014.” Ms Catley said.

“Frankly, the community is exhausted from the buck passing that has been going on for nearly half a decade now. They don’t care whose responsibility it is, they just want to know that they can safely drop their kids off at school and get to work on time.”

“I simply do not accept that the NSW Government has no part to play in fixing Carters Road, and I’m going to keep fighting for the Lake Munmorah community until we have an outcome.”


The Notice of Motion debate has been adjourned, and will continue at the next sitting week, with Ms Catley expected to give a speech in reply, following the Parliamentary Secretary’s response.