Battling an escalating building crisis, the Berejiklian Liberal Government has failed to meet a deadline of the end of the month to appoint a Building Commissioner.
Today in the NSW Parliament, the hapless Minister for Better Regulation Kevin Anderson could not answer a question from the NSW Labor Opposition when asked if he was close to appointing a person to provide oversight of the building industry.
Mr Anderson told a meeting of the Building Ministers Forum earlier this month that he would have a Commissioner by the end of July, despite the fact that it was still advertising for the post on as late as 15 July. The Government didn’t close their search for a commissioner until the 24th of July.
The Government’s own job ad acknowledged that the Commissioner will have little scope and “no line of authority” over other agencies (such as the Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment).
Mr Anderson said that the announcement of the new Commissioner was “imminent” and was “progressing well” but could not say when.
Labor has been pushing for a Building Commissioner backed up by a budget and regulatory powers yet it took the Opal Tower debacle to  force the Berejiklian Liberal Government to adopt Labor’s policy.
Shadow Minister for Better Regulation Yasmin Catley said the Liberal State Government had done nothing to deal with the building crisis that has gripped Sydney.