The second day of hearings into the NSW building crisis kicks off this morning at NSW Parliament, and Labor has demanded that Liberal National Party building spokesperson, Kevin Anderson answer questions about the Liberal Government’s failed policies.

Labor Deputy Leader, Yasmin Catley has called on Liberal Gladys Berejiklian to make her building spokesperson, Kevin Anderson testify before today’s Inquiry.

“Berejiklian needs to direct her Building spokesperson, Kevin Anderson to answer questions at today’s building crisis Inquiry.”

“While Berejiklian is flying around Europe and her Liberal Party is falling apart, so are people’s homes. It’s time Berejiklian and the Liberals took this crisis seriously and explained their failure to protect NSW households.”

So far the Inquiry has revealed that the Berejiklian Liberals have failed to crack down on dodgy builders and building certifiers that are taking advantage of weak laws, and leaving apartment owners and tenants in crisis.

Mr Michael Lambert, the expert author of the Independent Review of the Building Professionals Act, gave devastating evidence into the Berejiklian Liberals’ failure.

“Fragmented”, “inadequate”, and “poorly constructed” are just some of the terms Mr Lambert used to describe NSW’s building regulations.

The Inquiry follows weeks of revelations in Parliament where the Anderson has failed to explain why laws to crack down on dodgy building certifiers have not been enacted.

Mr Lambert also confirmed that the Building Commissioner is not adequately resourced to investigate building sites or crack down on dodgy operators.

NSW Labor Deputy Leader, Yasmin Catley said the Building Commissioner is getting paid almost half a million dollars a year, with no power to protect NSW households.

“Labor wants the Building Commissioner to be independent, have the ability to compel agencies to act and be properly resourced. The Premier should bring legislation before the Parliament immediately to give the Building Commissioner the powers it needs.”

“What does the Building Commissioner actually do? He’s getting paid more than Premier Berejiklian but has less responsibility. How does that make sense?”

“Right throughout this entire building industry crisis – Opal, Mascot, Zetland, and Erskineville – the Liberals have said they were being tough on shonks, but that is a lie. They’ve done nothing but issue press releases.”

“This Inquiry reveals just how deep the Sydney building crisis goes. It’s clear that there is no one in this Liberal Government protecting consumers.”