Shadow Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation today met with members of the Central West Law Society who raised their concerns that rural workers in motor vehicle accidents would be the most impacted under the Baird Government’s changes.

CTP is a compulsory product that protects innocent victims and those catastrophically injured in motor vehicle accidents.


The Baird Government wanted to cap payouts and give more power to the insurance companies – which would have reduced the payouts and access to treatment and rehab for innocent victims. Rural victims, with higher costs to access treatment, would have run out of capped payouts earlier than most. 


The Baird Government has backed down on nasty legislation that would have slugged pensioners with increased council rates, deregulated debt collection in NSW and ripped off people whose homes had been compulsorily acquired. 


The National Party has been willing participants in the Baird Government’s agenda – which rips away long standing rights and treats citizens with disdain and contempt.


Last week the Minister responsible for CTP was calling these reforms urgent -– now he has dropped it in the weeks leading up to the Orange by-election.


Labor has told the Government to focus on the billions in insurer’s profits rather than stripping away basic rights and protections for those who through no fault of their own are injured in motor vehicle accidents.



Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, Yasmin Catley MP


The Liberal and National Parties will always back big finance – the banks and insurance companies – over the rights of everyday Australians.


“The battle to save our CTP is not over – the Baird Government has ditched their nasty proposal just weeks before the Orange by-election.


“The National Party knew that rural workers would have been worse off as a result of this radical overhaul of CTP legislation – but didn’t nothing to stop it.


“Labor believes we can reduce premiums by tackling fraud, weeding out dodgy lawyers, and addressing the super  profits of insurers – who have reaped 18c out of every dollar paid in premiums as super profits.


“This is the second time the Government has tried but failed to push this nasty reform through -  the community needs to be vigilant when they try it on again


Quotes attributable to Mr Toby Tancred, Orange-based solicitor


“The Baird government’s CTP reforms would have left the innocent victims of motor vehicle accidents out of pocket and unable to receive the treatment and rehab they need. 


‘It could be any one of us or our children’


‘Worse still you would have to seek insurer’s approval every time you need to see your GP or a therapist of any kind and you won’t have access to a lawyer to fight for your rights.”


“The Government would have allowed funds being  ‘drip fed’ to those injured, capped and then stopped at five years. This would have meant they would not be cared for should the impact of their injuries go beyond that time.”