Member for Swansea Yasmin Catley today delivered a scathing attack against the Minister for Lands and Water in the NSW Parliament, advising that the Minister is yet to respond to three official representations regarding the collapse, the first dating 9 February 2016, the day after the disaster.

Following the fiery speech, Shadow Minister for Lands Mick Veitch moved for the Legislative Council to order the release of documents and reports on Pelican Marina.

The Baird Government refused to allow debate on the motion, stopping it in its tracks.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Lands Mick Veitch MLC

“The Baird Government has used the parliamentary process to shut down scrutiny of what the Government knew about the state of Pelican Marina before it collapsed into Lake Macquarie.

“There is no reason for these reports not to be released publicly – the community wants to know what happened and these documents should be able to clarify what authorities knew and how the site was being managed before this serious incident occurred.

“All people are asking for is transparency and accountability from their Government – under Mike Baird, it appears to be sorely lacking.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Swansea Yasmin Catley

“I’m appalled that the Minister for Lands and Water has not answered any of the concerns that the community has raised about the collapse of Pelican Marina into Lake Macquarie.

“The Minister is simply missing in action – no response, no site visit, nothing.

We need to move forward with swift and tangible action to ensure that those affected will be no worse off because of the inaction of the Baird Government, and we also need answers about what led to the collapse.

“Once again, I call on the Minister to respond to the concerns that the community continue to hold about this disaster. But I won’t hold my breath.”