Having lodged the signatures in the NSW Parliament last year, Ms Catley was pleased to finally be able to speak on behalf of the people of the community against the Government’s decision to axe motor registry services in the Swansea Electorate.

Ms Catley advised the Parliament that the decision to close the Belmont Motor Registry has left many disadvantaged and elderly people worst off, with those on restricted licenses unable to get to Warners Bay.

Ms Catley called on the Baird Liberal Government to commit to opening alternative Service NSW options in the Swansea Electorate.

Quotes attributable to the Member for Swansea, Yasmin Catley MP:

“The Baird Liberal Government have ignored over 11,000 people in the Swansea Electorate who have demanded that the Belmont Motor Registry be re-opened.”

“Unfortunately, there is no direct public transport service between Swansea and Warners Bay. This means that older drivers must catch 2 buses, the quickest round trip taking a whopping 2 hours and 4 minutes.”

Accessibility, parking, a lack of facilities and amenities, blow outs in waiting times as a result of people being funnelled to Warners Bay from both sides of Lake Macquarie, are all issues that people have raised with me since the closure of the Belmont Motor Registry.”

“Today, I’m calling on the Minister for Finance, Property and Skills, Dominic Perrottet to commit to establishing a full Service NSW Centre in Belmont.”